The Acid3 Test Development Console

Write your own Acid3 test

Enter your test into the text area below, and press "Run..." to try it. When you have a finished test, and it fulfills the conditions described in the section below, submit it to the e-mail address given at the end of the rules.

Press "Run..." to try your test.
The results will appear here, either "PASS" or "FAIL".

Competition Rules and Conditions

You have a few more days to submit as many tests as you want that fulfill all the following criteria:

  1. The test must consist of the body of a JavaScript function which returns 5 when the test passes, and which throws an exception otherwise. It doesn't matter what kind of exception.
  2. The test must compile with no syntax errors in Firefox 2, IE 7, Opera 9.25, and Safari 3. (You can use eval() to test things that are related to syntax errors, though.)
  3. The test must not crash any of Firefox 2, IE 7, Opera 9.25, and Safari 3.
  4. The test must fail (throw an exception) in either a Firefox trunk build from January 2008 or a Webkit trunk build from January 2008 (or, ideally, both). (Opera and IE are failing plenty of tests already, I don't want to add more tests that only fail in one of those. Of course if you find something that fails in Firefox or Webkit and Opera or IE, so much the better.)
  5. The behaviour expected by the test must be justifiable using only standards that were in the Candidate Recommendation stage or better in 2004. This includes JavaScript (ECMAScript 3), many W3C specs, RFCs, etc.
  6. You must be willing to put your test into the public domain. (I don't want us to end up with any copyright problems later!)

If you have a test that fulfills all the above conditions, e-mail it to me (, along with a brief justification citing chapter and verse from the relevant specs you are using, and telling me which build of Webkit or Firefox fails the test.

I will then make the 16 final tests from the best submissions, and will put the names of the people who submitted those tests into the JS comments in the test as recognition.

(So far we have 12 of the 16 tests. We only need another 4!)